Within Expandi Campaign Marketplace you can duplicate campaigns that have been built, tried and tested by the Expandi team.

Check out our blog all about it here.

Keep in mind; you need to add in your own messages and time range, to get the campaign started.

So first of al:

1. Go to Expandi V2 - https://app.expandi.io/v2/index.html

2. Go to Campaigns tab, over there you see in the top: Marketplace.

3. Click on the Marketplace button.

4. When you open it, you'll see the list below.

5. You are able to view them, but also use them!

6. Click on any template you wish to use;

7. Fill in the Campaign name and click create campaign.

8. You'll see the screen below;

NOTE! The messages are pre filled, but we recommend to change them to your own style.

9. Ones you have set everything in to your own hand, click apply.

10. Add the people in to your campaign, by clicking the people tab.

You would be able to add them via a new search, or import them by a CSV file.

11. When you click on Add a New Search, you will be able to add them as normal.

  • Basic Search

  • Sales Navigator Search

  • Recruiter Search

  • Import by CSV

  • Post Engagement

  • Group Search

  • Event Search

NOTE! Always make sure to fill in a Search Name, otherwise you can't continue.

12. Ones your search is done, you will be able to assign them to the campaign and set it live.


  • Fill in your own messages, we highly recommend this;

  • Set up your own time range.

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