The Limits in the Profile and Campaign Settings

The profile limits, which can be found in the profile settings, determine how many actions the system will do from the account per day while the Campaign limits determine how many of the profile limits will the system perform from the campaign per day. The sum of your campaign limits should not be higher than what is set in profile settings.

How do you Set/Divide Limits in Campaign Settings Correctly?

For example, if you set the limits like in the screenshot below in the profile settings and you have two active connector campaigns at the time, the numbers set have to be split between both active campaigns.

This means that 30 connection requests and 40 messages (as per the profile settings) have to be divided between two active campaigns, in campaign settings.

For example, 15 connection requests and 20 follow-up messages could be set in one campaign settings, limit section, and the same thing could be done in the other campaign.

Then the overall number (all active campaigns included), for connection requests would be 15+15=30 and for messages 20+20=40. Which is the same as the number we have set in the general profile settings.

What happens if the sum of the limits set in campaign settings is higher than the general limits you set in the profile settings?

If the limits in campaign settings are not divided correctly and the sum of them is higher than the numbers you set in the profile settings, an error message shows up in the campaign settings, which says: Messages limit exceeded with X messages or Connection requests limit exceeded with X connection requests.

For example, if using the same limits in the profile settings as we did at the beginning of this article (30 connection requests and 40 messages per day in general), I decided to increase the limits in one of my active campaign settings and set 100 for connection requests, and 100 for follow-up messages. While in the other campaign I set 15 for connection requests and 20 for follow-up messages.

If we sum up the limits in the campaign settings 15 (one campaign) + 100 (the other campaign) = 115 (total) connection requests and 20+100=120 follow-up messages.

We can see that the number of connection requests set in the profile settings - 30 is higher by 85 connection requests in the campaign settings - 115. As well as the number of follow-up messages set in the profile settings - 40 is higher by 80 messages in the campaign settings - 120.

In conclusion, the limits in campaign settings were not divided correctly and were higher than the general limits set in the profile settings, therefore, we got an error message of exceeding the limits.

If the limits are exceeded in campaign settings, you can expect your campaigns to send in a random order, the new campaign might not start sending as quickly as it is supposed to or one of the campaigns may not send at all while the other one sends out the entire limit that you set in the profile settings.

Therefore, we always advise, you to adjust the limits in all the active campaign settings you have and make sure that you are not exceeding them and that they are divided correctly. So the system would follow the numbers you set for each active campaign, instead of choosing random numbers every single day.

It is important to note, that even if you are exceeding the limits in campaign settings, the system will still follow the limits you set in the general profile settings, for connection requests, messages and etc.

If you have any more questions regarding this, please contact customer support.

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