In this article we will discuss more about the most common issues with the CSV file and how to fix them, so your CSV file would be successfully uploaded to Expandi.

What is CSV file?

A CSV file is a file, created in Excel or google sheets that has the information about people you want to outreach such as first and last names, email, phone numbers, company names, addresses, LinkedIn URLs, etc.

How big should your CSV file be?

Your CSV file cannot be bigger than 1 MB (depending on the number of columns you have; this will be approximately 2500 people).

What should be the format of it?

The format of the CSV file has to be UTF-8 encoding to make sure all special characters are imported correctly.

How can you import your CSV file to the software?

It is possible to import a CSV file in multiple ways:

  • Create a new CSV search in the “SEARCH” section on Expandi and upload your file there;

  • Import a CSV file directly into the campaign.

What columns should I create in my CSV file?

Your CSV file must have columns, such as profile_link, and email (if you will be using it for the email outreach or the Gmail Connector Campaign).

The rest of the information such as company_name, job_title, etc. Is not mandatory, since it will be scraped automatically from LinkedIn once the system visits the profile.

LinkedIn profile links must be included in the file unless you created it for the Gmail Connector campaign, which requires only the LinkedIn email addresses of the leads.

Also, please make sure that your column names in the CSV file are not duplicated. If column names are identical, the following error message will pop up when trying to import the file into the system and it will not be imported.

How to check if there are duplicates in the file?

One of the most common issues with the CSV file not being uploaded to the system is that it contains profile links that are identical or which look different but lead to the same LinkedIn account. Always check if there are no duplicated LinkedIn profile links, otherwise, the file won’t be imported to Expandi.

You can check it by two methods:

  • Selecting the information in the CSV file, pressing on data -> data cleanup -> remove duplicates.

  • By sorting the leads in alphabetic order. You can do this by selecting the columns -> going to data -> pressing on sort range -> sort range by column A (A to Z) then checking if there are similar names and surnames added twice, in case, the profile link is not identical but leads to the same profile on LinkedIn. If you find any, delete them and you will be able to import the file.

What profile links are accepted and not?

The following URLs are allowed:

Any localized LinkedIn links do not work so links like au.linkedin or for example. Links without “https://” are not allowed as well, however, if within the same file you have multiple formats (for example https://linkedin, www.linkedin,, etc.) try to make them the same.

Can I leave an empty space in my CSV file?

You should not leave empty spaces between the rows. Please check if there are no empty/multiple lines in a single or merged cell, we do not support that. If you find some empty lines, please delete them and leave only the ones that contain information, like profile link, email, first name, last name and so on.

How to make sure that your file is readable to the software?

You should always check if your file does not contain multiple delimiters or incorrect ones so that when the system processes it, some values get moved to other columns and is therefore unreadable. It is also possible that the system is not detecting it correctly, for example, if when you open the file and it looks like:

Then you can go into Google sheets or Excel, click to import, and choose a custom separator [ ; ] as the delimiter.

The file will then look correct and you will be able to upload it.

We hope this information was useful in troubleshooting your CSV file and helped you to import your CSV file to Expandi and start outreaching the leads.

If you are still facing issues with the file, please contact Customer Support for further assistance.

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