To help keep accounts secure, starting May 30, 2022, Google will no longer support the use of third-party apps or devices which ask you to sign in to your Google Account using only your username and password.

Currently, to connect any system with Google Mail, it is likely “Less secure apps” are used. From May 30, 2022, this option will no longer be available. So, these are the following steps that should be taken so you can continue with integrating your email in Expandi.

Google setup

In order to use the service properly without using “Less secure apps”, a couple of activation steps should be taken. The first step would be activating the 2-Step verification on the Google account that will be used.

  1. Navigate to Manage your Google Account.

  2. In the search bar type "2-step verification” and click the first option as shown on the image below:

3. . Follow the instructions from the following screen:

4. When the steps are successfully executed the following screen should be seen:

5. Click the “” button next to the 2-Step Verification title.

6. In the search bar type “app passwords” and click the first option as shown in the

image below:

7. Select Other as shown in the image below:

8. Enter Expandi and click Generate.

9. You will see a screen with the password for your app. Make sure to store the password somewhere because it is going to be used later.

Expandi setup

After the Google Setup is completed and the app password is present, the password should be updated also in Expandi.

To make the email work after Google changes, the old password in Expandi should be replaced with the new one which was just generated.

  1. You should go into Expandi and disconnect your email

2. Then you should connect it again with the new password.

Just follow these recommendations to fill out the settings:

  • Sender name: add your name

  • IMAP username: add your Gmail address

  • IMAP password: add your NEW Gmail password

  • IMAP server:

  • IMAP port (SSL): 993

  • SMTP username: add Gmail address

  • SMTP password: add your NEW Gmail password

  • SMTP server:

  • SMTP port (SSL): 465

Once you filled it out make sure to click Test Credentials first and then Connect.

it should be all set to go!

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