It is possible to change the credit card which is associated with your subscription by following this guide.

  1. Click the user profile on the top right hand corner

  2. Select the Subscriptions tab

  3. Select the button which says Change Card

  4. When you press this button you will be prompted to select the subscription you wish to change the credit card for.

  5. Once you know the subscription you wish to change, select the button which says Link

  6. A new page will open from Stripe, which is the application used by Expandi for secure payments.

    In this screen you will see your current plans and the credit cards which have been added to your subscription.

    Within this screen you can change the credit card for a specific subscription, set an existing credit card as default, update the information which appears on your invoice, and download your paid invoices.

    To change the credit card of a specific subscription, you should select the pen icon beside the subscription and fill in your credit card details

    When you select this pen you will be brough to a page which will allow you to either add a new credit card, or apply an existing credit card as default for this plan.

    At this section, you can add a new payment method, or, if you press the three dots beside the credit card details, you can apply the card as default for all subscriptions. You can also remove the credit card here.

    It is also possible here to edit your invoice details, and to download your paid invoices

    It is also possible to apply an existing card to a specific invoice from the Subscriptions page.

    Simply select the plan you wish to update and change the card from the tab shown below.

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