When you go to the My Network tab in Expandi you will be able to see everyone who is your 1st degree connection, as well as those who you have contacted through Expandi.

Within the My Network tab, you have lots of Filters available, and when you have filtered your list, you have plenty of Actions to then use.

For filters, you can:

  • Enter filtered words (i.e. search for the leads name, occupation, company etc)

  • Filter on status (are they a new contact? have you only just sent the connection request?)

  • Filter on tags

  • Filter on the campaign they are in

  • Filter on the search they came from

For actions, you can:

  • Apply a tag (and create tags)

  • Remove tags from the filtered contacts

  • Remove tags from selected contacts

  • Assign the leads to a campaign

  • Export the list

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