For the Builder Campaign, it's the same as any campaign, you will need to complete the settings to set it live. In the screenshot below you can see the limits are set to the number of new people that will be contacted by this campaign daily.

And the number of follow-up messages you are able to send per day.

For both cases, you're limited to reach and send 100 per day.

So in this case your campaign will reach out to 30 new people per day.

And send out 30 follow-up messages per day.

To set it live just turn the Active button on and during the active hours of the profile, the campaign will begin.

  1. Go to the menu Campaigns

  2. Choose the campaign you want to edit

  3. Go to Settings

  4. Go to Set campaign limits

  5. Choose the desired number of prospects you'd like to reach per day.

  6. Choose the desired number of follow-up messages you'd like to send per day.

  7. Click Apply.

If you have chosen to reach out to more than 100 in total from your campaigns, the number of contacted people will distribute between the campaigns. Your active campaign limits should combine and equal the profile limit set in your profile settings.

The limit of messages you can send is also 100 per day, so it's the same for those as well.


You've set 2 Builder Campaigns on reaching out to new people and you want to set the limit up to 80 for 1 of the campaigns, the other campaign will set the number of people to 80 because you are able to reach out to 100 people on 1 day.

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