Some of the users have the ability to manage and add custom proxy servers for their LinkedIn accounts. They can do it either when adding a new LinkedIn account or if the LinkedIn account is already added, do it through the Proxies tab under the user menu.

How to add a custom proxy when adding a new LinkedIn account on Expandi?

  1. Press on the + sign on the dashboard (as shown below ) to add a new LinkedIn account

  2. Enter the credentials of the LinkedIn account you are adding, select the company (or create one) and press the button To Country Selection

  3. Check the checkmark next to the Custom Proxy, enter the information of your custom proxy, and select the button To Payment Options

  4. Complete the registration and a custom proxy will be applied to the LinkedIn account you added.

How to change the proxy to a custom one through the user menu, proxies tab?

  1. Go to the user menu and select Proxies

  2. Select Add a New Proxy

  3. Enter the information of the proxy, such as IP, Port, Username, Password, and click on Add a New Proxy

  4. Once it's created, select the LinkedIn account you wish to add the custom proxy for and the proxy will be applied

If you have any more questions, or you are not able to see a proxy tab on your account, please contact customer support.

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