When you add your LinkedIn account in to Expandi you would need to add a Company. This is a nice way of organizing your LinkedIn profiles, and is beneficial if you wish to add additional LinkedIn accounts into the system.

Additionally, you can set company wide rules and permissions, as well sharing campaign templates with profiles which share the same company

One benefit of setting a company, is you can set rules to avoid duplicate outreach - Expandi won't reach out to the same people that have been reached out before by someone from the same company.

So now, how to create a Company within Expandi.

  1. Go to the Expandi dashboard.

  2. You click on your name on the right of the screen and this list will appear.

  3. You click on Companies.

4. The next screen will appear, click on add new company.

5. Then you will see the next screen, you would need to fill in a Company name, the agency section is not obliged, but can come in hand as discussed above.

6. Click on Add A New Company and the Company is added, you're now able to get the profiles on to that company.

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