When you add a new profile, you need to go through all the steps that you do when you sign up. The only difference is that it will be added to your main Admin account, instead of as a separate one.

  1. Click on the plus icon in the upper corner next to your account name.

2. Fill in the email you use for your LinkedIn profile.

3. Fill in the password you use for your LinkedIn profile.

4. Fill in the name of you company (Click +Add and fill in the name).

5. (Optional) Fill in a voucher code (if you have received one from Expandi).

6. Fill in your country of origin.

7. Fill in the card number (the card number must not include letters) (ONLY NUMBERS).

8. Fill in also the expiration date (MM/YY).

9. Fill in the CVC code from the back of your card (three digits)

10. If you have a discount code, you can fill it in here.

11. Click on Sync.

And you'll be ready to go.

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