In order to choose how many messages and connections you want to send per day, first, you need to change the number from your Profile Settings.

You will set your interaction settings here if you wish to set a specific limit and do not wish to use our other features:

  1. Go to Dashboard

  2. Go to Profile Settings

3. Go to LinkedIn Account Limit.

4. Choose the number of connection requests you want to send per day (maximum 100)

5. Choose the amount of (follow-up) messages you want to send per day (maximum 100)

6. Click Apply.

After you've done with the numbers in the general profile settings, you can change the settings for your different campaigns.

You can create as many campaigns as you want, but you should keep in mind that the maximum number of connections/messages you can send is 100 per day.

  1. Go to the menu Campaigns

  2. Choose the campaign you want to edit

  3. Go to Settings

  4. Go to Set campaign limits

  5. Choose the desired number of prospects you'd like to reach per day.

  6. Click Apply.

If you have chosen to send more than 100 messages/connections in total from your campaigns, the number of sent messages/connections will distribute between the campaigns. Your active campaign limits should combine and equal the profile limit set in your profile settings.


You've set 2 messenger campaigns with limits set at 100 (the maximum) - in total, you have set to send 200 messages per day. Your profile settings are also set at 100 (the maximum).
Therefore, in total there will be 100 messages sent. These messages will be sent only from the first created campaign. The messages which will be sent will be 100 from the first and 0 from the second.

Instead, you could set both campaigns to send 50 each. You can split the campaigns limits equally, or prioritize one over the other if you like.

As for the Builder Campaign, it's the same as any campaign, you will need to complete the settings to set it live. In the screenshot below you can see the limits are set to 30 connection requests per day and 30 follow-up messages per day.

To set it live just turn the Active button on and during the active hours of the profile, the campaign will begin.

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