Expandi is a cloud based solution which helps automate your LinkedIn outreach. We have been on the market since 2018 and are growing more and more everyday.

Curious about the history of Expandi? Our founder Stefan Smulders explains all about how we Boostrapped to $5million+ ARR in 1.5 years.

From 2018 our team has grown to now over 50 people! Depending on how or why you use Expandi, you may speak with many different team members. Get to know some of us and connect with us on LinkedIn!

Ralitsa Aleksandrova - Head of Technical Support

Aleksandr Starovoitov - Head of Customer Support

Sharon Van Donkelaar - Head of Growth

Noah Green - Head of Sales

Beatriz Reis - Head of Customer Success

Ana Maria Arbelaez - Customer Success

Ivan Spasov - Product Owner

Amy Bateson - Marketing Manager

Lubomir Yankov - Head Developer

Daniela Miltiyadeva - Designer

Steffi Klomp - Marketing & Communication

Rosen Panayotov - Customer Support

Gerda VaidotaitÄ— - Customer Support

Robert Andreescu - Customer Support

Erika Vikniute - Customer Support

Svetoslav Stanoev - Customer Support

Kalina Raycheva - Customer Support

Benjaminas Piliponis - Customer Support

Evald Kaliakin - Customer Support

Patricija Baskyte-Hudson - Customer Support

Ignas Cibulskas - Customer Support

If you have any questions you can email support@expandi.io!

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