As you know, in Expandi you can create a Connector Campaign using various search options. It is also possible to upload a CSV file without the need to have a LinkedIn URL of the particular person. All you need is an email address.

Remember that this must be the email address they use on LinkedIn (primary or secondary).

  1. Go to Expandi.

  2. Go to Campaigns tab

  3. Select CSV Connector (Upload emails)

  4. Set a name for the campaign

  5. Continue with / or without a template

  6. Create your message sequence as you would create in a typical Connector Campaign.

    Keep in mind that you are not allowed to send a connector message in this type of campaign since the invites have already been sent out.

  7. Import the CSV with all the email addresses.

    Once your CSV is processed, you will see all the prospects in your Expandi campaign.

    The limit for this campaign varies from 100 to 250 contacted prospects per day.

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