In order to follow up with each participant in your event, you can use the event participants' campaign.

An Event Participants Campaign is similar to running a Group Campaign i.e. you can send a message regardless of the network status.

Sales Navigator searches are not allowed, preferably only Event Searches.
Attendees can run this campaign, so not just the owner.

1. Go to Expandi

2. Go to Campaigns tab --> Click on add campaign

3. Then select Event Participants

4. Name your campaign;

5. Select the event which you organized for this campaign;

6. Then create an event search scraping participants from the event set for the campaign;

7. Add the prospects to the campaign;

In this campaign, you set the limits for the initial message and the follow-ups.

So to come back on the rules:

  • Works the same as a Group Campaign

  • You can target any degree

  • Only Event Searches

  • Sales Navigator searches are not allowed

  • Attendees can run this campaign, not just the owner.

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