The event Invite campaign allows you as an event owner to invite all your contacts to the event automatically. Adding only contact, new contact, imported(also has to be contacts or new contact) by search, my network, CSV. Note! If imported contacts aren’t contacts or new contacts they won’t be invited to the event.

In order to create such a campaign you need to follow these actions:

1. Go to create a campaign;

2. Select Event Inviter campaign;

3. Add a name;

4. Select the event you are hosting. Important the events for which you are host will be displayed from the dropdown;

5. Then click create without template;

6. Inside of the profile, you can adjust how many invites you can send:

The maximum is 100 invites per day, however, we recommend starting with 70-80 and then reach 100.

Future upgrades:

  • Stats

  • Attendees will be able to set invite campaign

  • Additional actions except for the invite

  • Templates in campaign market

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