The event Invite campaign allows you as an event owner or attendee to invite all your contacts to the event automatically. Adding only contact, new contact, imported (also has to be contacts or new contact) by search, my network, CSV.

  • Send invites to 1st degree connections

  • Statuses allowed in the campaign: contact new contact and imported

  • This campaign can be run by attendees and not just by the owner

Note! If imported contacts aren’t contacts or new contacts they won’t be invited to the event.

In order to create such a campaign you need to follow these actions:

1. Go to Expandi -

2. Go to Campaigns tab --> Click on add campaign

2. Select Event Inviter campaign;

3. Add a name;

4. Select the event you are hosting. Important the events for which you are host will be displayed from the dropdown;

5. Then click create without template;

To import people into the Event Invite Campaign, you first need to go to LinkedIn. Then, you can choose the event. The important thing to note is you must click that you wish to attend. Using this option you can scrape event attendees and assign them to your campaign.

6. Copy the URL address of the selected event.

7. Go back to Expandi.

8. Click the people tab

Step 9: Choose how you would like to add the search in

This can also be done from the My Network section.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Open My network

  2. Use the filters to select the leads you wish to outreach

  3. Click Actions

  4. Select Assign to Campaign

  5. Select the campaign(s) you wish to assign the leads into

12. When the search is done, all you need to do is to assign them to the correct campaign. Once you have done that, it is ready to go live. You can make sure it is live by going to the Settings tab within the campaign. Here you have two options:

- Schedule a date/time for the campaign to go live.
- Set live now by switching the active button.

13. Inside the profile, you can adjust how many invites you can send:

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