❓ How do I change my invoicing details?👇

✅ In order to change your invoicing details, please contact our support team and provide us with the new details for your invoices. Please note that we are unable to change the already issued invoices.

❓ How to change email for invoices?👇

✅ To change your email address, please contact our support team and provide us with the new email.

❓ How can I get missing invoices? Where can I find them?👇

✅ Please send us the missing invoice dates and we will send them over to you.

❓ How can I reactivate my subscription?👇

✅ Once you log in, you will be on the payment screen so just fill in the credentials of the card you want to pay with and begin the subscription again.

❓ How can I check if my subscription is cancelled?👇

✅ When you log in, If you see the payment screen it means the subscription is cancelled. Also, our Finance team can check it for you if necessary.

❓ How can I move the subscription to another account?👇

✅ In order to do that, please send us the email of your current subscription and the email address of your new account and we will transfer it over.

❓ How can I freeze/pause my subscription?👇

✅ If you want to pause the subscription, unfortunately, it's not automatically done. If you would like to pause your subscription, please let us know and we will contact our Finance team.

❓ What to do if my payment fails?👇

✅ If your payment fails, the charge will be attempted multiple times. If the payment fails 5 times the subscription will be cancelled. We can then reactivate the subscription for you, once the payment is processed.

❓ Can I extend my trial?👇

✅ We looked individually in every case, and if you would like to extend your trial, please let us know through the support chat.

❓ Can I receive one invoice for all accounts?👇

✅ It is possible, in order to do that, please contact us through the support chat.

❓ What to do if I am still being charged after cancelling the subscription?👇

✅ Once you cancel your subscription, the auto charging stops, however, if you are still being charged, please send us a copy of your invoice and we will look into it.

❓ How long will the refund take?👇

✅ Refunds usually take around 5-10 working days to be processed and to be back in your account.

❓ Will I get charged after the trial?👇

✅ Yes, you will be charged immediately after the 7-day trial ends. This date will then be the payment date each month. So if you begin your trial on 1st January, you will be charged on 8th January and then on the 8th of each month moving forward.

❓ Can I set up a trial without providing a Credit Card?👇

✅ Unfortunately, you will need to fill in credit card credentials to begin your trial.

❓ What discounts are available?👇

✅ Discounts are vary based on the number of accounts you have, therefore, please contact our support team to find out more.

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