If your Recruiter Search is not loading or bringing 0 results, there are a few things you need to know to solve this issue👇

  1. Expandi supports Recruiter Lite and Recruiter Pro.

  2. On LinkedIn, you have an active Recruiter Lite or Recruiter Pro subscription.

  3. Please make sure you have 2FA turned ON.

  4. Unfortunately, you can not be logged in to Recruiter at the same time from two devices (including phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) Please remember that Expandi works as a person logging a session.

    Once you created your Recruiter search on LinkedIn and you copied the search, please log out of Recruiter and then you can add a link to Expandi and click search. Please note, that if you simply close the window, that will not work as you need to log out.

  5. Please try to use Recruiter search only on your account, not on other people's accounts because you will need access to their email to receive a PIN.

❗️If you have followed all the steps and Recruiter Search is still not working, please contact our support team❗️

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