Basic Search is one of a few ways to bring contacts into your campaigns.

To do a Basic Search:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn account

  2. Click on the search field and click Enter on your keyboard

  3. Select People and click All Filters

  4. Select your search filters and click Apply

  5. Copy the URL from the results page in LinkedIn

  6. Go to Expandi

  7. Go to Search

  8. Create a New Search

  9. Name the search and paste the URL into Basic Search

  10. Click Search

Keep in mind that only 1000 people will be imported into your account at once, so we recommend narrowing the search by applying applicable filters and segmenting searches by e.g. country, industry, job title, etc.

Step by step guidance👇

Basic Search starts on your LinkedIn account by clicking on the Search field on the top left corner of your LinkedIn profile and pressing Enter on your keyboard:

Select People and then click on All filters:

Select your search filters and click Apply to view the results:

Note: there are different ways to get funnelled search results utilising various filters. However, the main filters are Connections, Locations, Industries & Job Titles.

When you are happy with search results, click on the link above and copy the URL:

In your Expandi account go to Search from the main navigation menu and click on "+New Search":

Name the new search, choose search type-Basic search, paste the URL and click "Search":

❗️If you will have any questions or issues, please reach out to our support team via support chat❗️

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