The first screen you will see when you connect your LinkedIn account into Expandi is the Profile Settings. Here you will see multiple tabs that can be customized to suit your strategy.

This article will briefly explain what each section within the profile settings can do and how you can utilize it. If you want to find out more, there will also be in depth articles linked based on each section in the settings.


In this section, you can give someone else the ability to manage the specific LinkedIn account you are on. In order to use this, you should first create an agency, then you can create a role for the person you wish to invite and lastly invite them within this section. For an in depth explanation you can read this guide.

Default LinkedIn Account

Here you can set the account you wish to be default for each time you log into the system. This is useful if you are an agency running multiple accounts. The account you set as default here will be the original account that is opened each time you open the application. You can read some more here.

Switch LinkedIn account Company

Each LinkedIn account within Expandi will be associated with a company. You will connect the company to the LinkedIn account before you even begin the subscription. If you ever need to change the company that a LinkedIn account is connected to it can be done easily here. To find out how to create a company you can follow this guide.

Hyperise Integration

In case you didn't realize, we have an amazing integration with Hyperise, a tool that allows you to send personalized images, gifs, and videos. If you have a subscription with Hyperise and wish to use it in your LinkedIn outreach you can connect your API here and all the images you have in your account will be synced into Expandi. For more information, you can read here.

LinkedIn Account Limit

This is a highly useful section where you can set your outreach limits. You have multiple options in here, including:

Active Time Settings

As Expandi is a cloud-based solution you will need to set active times which will be the time period your profile will be active. So if you have tasks scheduled to send, the profile will send everything during the time you have open, even if you are offline. Find out more here

Additional Inactive Days

Due to the system being cloud-based, even if you are offline, the system will still send actions if they are scheduled. This can become difficult for you if you are having a longer period of time away from your screen. So before you go off on vacation you can set inactive days so that the system does not send anything during a specific time period. If you want to find out more you can read here

Email Integration

This allows you to connect your email account to Expandi so you can do outreach via email within a campaign builder. There is a few steps to follow here so check out the guide here

Subscription Plan

Here you can see what subscription plan you are on and are able to cancel if you wish to stop paying. To cancel your subscription you can follow this guide

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