Resellers can take advantage of implementing a Stripe live chat within the system. Just follow the next steps.

Make a new stripe account

  1. Open Stripe

  2. Create a new account - you can access this on the top left of the page

  3. Enter an account name

Get the three keys

  1. Click on developers

  2. Click on webhooks

  3. Click the button on the top right of the page which says Add a new endpoint

  4. Add the endpoint URL which you should receive from us. (If you have not received this yet, just pop up on the chat)

  5. Choose the option to receive all events

  6. Add the endpoint

  7. A new field will appear - you need to access the signing secret. Click on "click to reveal"

  8. The code that appears is the webhook secret, fill this in on the form!

  9. Then click on API keys (underneath developers).
    Here you can find the public key and the secret key.

  10. BECAREFULL!! You can only copy the secret key once when you reveal it.

  11. Copy and past the public key and fill it in on the form

  12. Click to reveal the test key and copy and past the secret key on the form

Add a tax rate

  1. Click on products

  2. Go to tax rates

  3. Click on New in the top right

  4. Enter the type of tax

  5. Enter the tax rate and keep it at exclusive

  6. IMPORTANT!! If you have no tax rate enter one with 0%. We need this to complete the integration

  7. The region and description are not required.

Add a product

  1. Click on products

  2. Add a new product

  3. Name: enter a name for your product
    Discription: you may fill this in but its not required

  4. Enter a price with the right currency and if it is recurring or not

  5. Enter the billing period

  6. Enter the price description like: price per seat

  7. Extra option so not required: you can enter a trial. Make sure you enter how many days you would like the trial to be active.

  8. Add the product

Lastly, you can fill the country in on the available form. This just gives you some extra control.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact the support chat and we will get jump into a call to give you whatever help you need

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