The white label can be used by agencies that manage multiple Expandi accounts at once. It is created in order to assist the agencies with the tasks they need to execute.

When you add your LinkedIn account to Expandi you fill in a company to which this person is assigned. For the white label, you can also assign the company to an agency. When you do this, all of the accounts which are assigned to this company will be moved to the agency.


  1. Click on your picture in the upper right corner

  2. Click the menu Agencies

  3. Click Add a new Agency

  4. Fill in the name for the agency

  5. Click Add

  6. Click on Create role

  7. Fill in the name for that role

  8. Choose whether it’s for the Enduser or Co-worker

  9. Add Permissions for that role

  10. Click Apply

  11. Click Invite co-worker

  12. Fill in the name of your co-worker

  13. Fill in the email of your co-worker

  14. Assign a role to your co-worker (from the ones you have created)

  15. Your co-worker needs to check their email address

  16. Your co-worker needs to sign up in Expandi

You can create an agency when you click on your profile icon in the upper right corner, then click the menu Agencies below.

There, in the upper right corner, you can see a button called “Add a new agency”. When you click it you should fill in the name of the agency which you want to use and click Save changes.

After you have successfully created an agency, you’ll get the green message you see on the screen below. The next step is to Create Role from the button in the section Roles.

After you click the button Create role you’ll see the screen below. There you can name your role, and decide whether it’s for an end-user (the person whose account the agency manages) or for a co-worker (someone who works at the agency).

When you decide for whom this role is, you can assign permissions to this role. Permissions are the tasks that the role is allowed to do. You can select multiple at once and click the button Add when you’ve selected the ones you want. When you’ve added them to the person, you simply need to click Apply.

The next step is to Invite a co-worker. This can be done by clicking the button Invite a co-worker. When you click the button, a pop-up screen will appear. There you should fill in the name of your co-worker, their email address, and assign the co-worker to a role that you created.

After that, the co-worker you invited needs to register in Expandi or if the account already exists – just log into it.

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