If you want to exclude certain companies from your search results, you can do so directly in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Here is how:

  1. Open Sales Navigator Search: Type in the name of the company you want to exclude from your search in the "company filter" section. See the example below where I want to exclude Oracle.

2. Hover your mouse on the company name: The company name field will change and display three small icons in one image. Click the middle icon. It's for excluding the company from that search. See screenshot below:

3. Ensure that the company name has turned red: Once you click the icon in the center, the selected company will be excluded from your search and will appear in red color. See the image below:

4. Excluding multiple companies: You can repeat the steps if you want to exclude multiple companies from your search.

5. Save your search: Once you have selected all other filters and finalized your search criteria, please save the search in Sales Navigator.

6. Paste the saved search URL in Expandi: It will replicate the same results.

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