Users have the ability to export lists of leads as a CSV in multiple places within the system. You will see the same tab throughout the system including

  • My Network

  • Search

  • Campaigns

To export a list from My Network, for example, simply enter the filters you want (such as status, tags, campaign, search, or keywords). You can also select the people you want to export. Click on Export and choose between the options shown above– Mail selected contacts as CSV, Mail filtered contacts as a CSV, and Mail all contacts as a CSV. To download the CSV you will receive a prompt to type in your email address. Simply type the address you wish to use, click send and the CSV will be sent to the email you use.

You are also given the ability to export the contacts through a webhook. If you select either option Export selected through webhook or Export filtered contacts to webhook you will get a prompt that will allow you to select the webhook you would already create. To find out more about how to create a webhook check out these guides.

The same steps can be applied whether you are exporting a list from a search, a campaign, or My Network.

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