Now with Personalised Links, you can provide a simple short link to your prospect. When that link is shared socially, it will generate a personalized preview.

eg: https://

^ you control the domain ^ unique to each link

STEP 1 Set up Custom Domain

This set should be executed within Hyperise.

To create your personalized links, you must first add your custom link domain to your account.

To do this, go to Settings > Custom Domain

You can follow the instructions in Link Domain Setup Guide.


To use personalized short links with Expandi, you must first add the Hyperise API key to your Expandi account. Once the integration is complete, you will see Hyperise image and placeholder options available in your messaging.

For further details, check out the Hyperise Integration.

For short links, we advise a ratio of 2:1 e.g. 600px by 300px.

  1. Click on the Hyperise placeholder on the right.

  2. Select the personalized image you want to use.

  3. Click Submit to add to the message.

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