Now it is possible to scrape all the members of a specific group on LinkedIn, assign them to your campaign, and send messages without sending a connection request.


There are a few limitations that should be noted with group campaigns:

  • LinkedIn has limited how many users can be messaged per month through a group. You should set your limitations between 20-25 per day maximum

  • You can only send messages to a group you have been a part of for at least 4 days

    Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to Expandi.

  2. Go to the Campaigns tab, click Add Campaign and choose a Group campaign

3. Then you will be able to link a specific group to select the members you want to import. If some of your LinkedIn groups are missing from the list, please follow the steps here to sync them.

Note that you have to be either the owner or a member of a group you want to use.

4. Go to LinkedIn.

5. Find the group you would like to scrape the members from and copy the URL.

6. Go to the "Search" tab and select Group Search to assign all the people to your Group Campaign.

Note that in order to add people to your campaign, they must be members of the group for which the campaign was created. Otherwise, Expandi will not be able to assign them to your campaign.

The best solution is to name both your campaign and the Group Search the same.

8. Once you assign all the selected members, you will be able to build your message sequence, without sending a connection request.

Group Campaign from Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator search can be assigned to your Group Campaign. Make sure the group ID is in the URL, and then you can import it into Expandi as you would import a normal Sales Nav list.

Keep in mind that in one search you are allowed to target only one LinkedIn group. Also, you have to be either the owner or a member of a group you want to use.

If you have any questions please feel free to write to us on the live chat and we will be happy to answer any doubts you may have.

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