The Open InMail campaign is used to contact people who have an Open Profile and are not your 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn. If the lead you wish to outreach has an open profile and you did not interact with them on LinkedIn before you are able to contact them using an Open InMail Campaign.

Keep in mind, that Expandi does not support paid InMails on LinkedIn.

There are 2 types of InMails on LinkedIn - paid “InMails” and free “Open InMails” that can be sent exclusively to open accounts. Currently, Expandi provides automation of the second option only “Open InMails”

All LinkedIn members can see the full profiles of Premium members who have enabled "Open Profile". In order to be an Open Profile member, you must have a Premium subscription.

Users have a limit set by LinkedIn of 800 Open InMails allowed to be sent in 1 month. We recommend starting low and warming up your Open InMail outreach to a max of 25 open InMails per day.

You will not be able to send leads an Open InMail if you have already contacted them in another way. This means if you already contacted someone using a connection request, it is not possible to outreach them using an Open InMail message and they will be paused in the campaign.

To create an Open InMail Campaign, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Campaigns

2. Select Add new campaign

3. Select Open InMail campaign

4. Create the name for it and press Next

5. Choose if you want to create it without a template or with a template

6. In the Steps section write down your Open InMail message and add Follow-up messages. Once it's done, press Apply.

7. Now it is time to assign the leads to the campaign. You can do this from the "Search" section on the sidebar of Expandi.

If you wish you can create a new search, please check the search types here, or you can use an already created one.

You should always filter the search and select only the leads with Open Accounts on LinkedIn. To do this, please select the search and filter it with the Assignment Filter, Show with Open InMail option.

After that, please press Actions and Assign Filtered Contacts.

Select the campaign and complete the action.

8: Activate the Campaign by pressing on the Inactive toggle and making it Active.

Filter InMails for an already existing campaign

If you would like to filter everyone that can receive an InMail from an existing campaign you can follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the campaign

  2. Use the Assignment filter and select Show with Open Inmails

    All the leads who currently have Open Accounts on LinkedIn will appear on the list.

If you have any more questions, please contact customer support. We're happy to help!

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