It is possible to pause or resume a person in a campaign without logging in to your Expandi account. This can be very helpful if you want to see each action directly in your CRM. The actions can be done using the Integrations tab in a certain campaign.

  1. Go to Expandi.

  2. In the Campaign tab click on a campaign you would like to pause or resume a person from outside of Expandi.

When you scroll down under the Campaign contact actions you see 2 URLs - one for pausing and one for resuming a person.

However, what is important to specify for each person is their campaign ID, which can be found in the content of the Web hook. Note that this section will be available only for people that are in an active campaing in the time of firing of the web hook.

Once you open a specific web hook that is firing for this campaign you are working on, you can click on the History of the web hook to find the campaign ID under the campaign_instance_contact section:

Then you should find a person for which you would like to perform these actions. Once you expand the row, you will be able to see the campaign ID for a specific person:

In the Set Up Action of the web hook in Zapier, click GET, and then we need to change only 3 things:

  • Add the URL for pausing the campaign (which we sent over to Lemlist in the previous hook).

  • Select YES in the “Send as JSON” part.

  • And make the JSON key json

Now, using the specific URL you will be able to perform both actions without logging in to your Expandi account. Simply copy and paste the link into your browser tab, so the action can be performed on your account.

Please keep in mind that each URL is different for every person in your campaign.

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