Part 1:

  1. Open

  2. Click on Make a zap!

  3. Name your Zap

  4. Type “Webhooks with Zapier” in the Choose app & event section

  5. Choose trigger event called “Catch Hook”

  6. Click on Continue

  7. Copy the URL

  8. Click on Continue

Part 2:

  1. Go to

  2. Go to the menu Web hooks

  3. Click on Add a web hook

  4. Fill in the name for the web hook

  5. Choose the trigger action you want

  6. Choose the campaign you want to use the web hook for

  7. Paste the URL (from Part 1. Step 7.)

  8. Click on send example data

Part 3:

  1. Go back to Zapier

  2. Click on Test & Review

  3. Click on Done editing

  4. In step 2 choose Pipedrive

  5. Choose action even called Find person

  6. Click Continue

  7. Choose Pipedrive Account

  8. Click Continue

  9. Customize person by choosing the option Name in Field to Search by.

  10. Fill the desired by you information (First and Last name, email, etc.)

  11. Choose Yes in the field Search for Existing Match.

  12. Tick the option to create a new person if they don’t exist

  13. Fill in the desired data.

  14. Click on Continue.

  15. Scroll down.

  16. Click on Test & Review

  17. Turn on Zapier

  18. Done editing

Part 1:

Open Zapier and log into your account. Click on Make a zap! next to your profile icon in the upper right corner.

After you make a zap, you should name it. Afterwards, in Step 1 “When this happens…” you should choose an app. Type Webhooks by Zapier and choose the application which is shown below.

After you choose the application, you will be made to Choose a Trigger Event. You will be given three choices, but you should choose Catch Hook from the list.

If you have chosen the right application and the right trigger even, you can click on the button Continue.

After you click on Continue, it will lead you to a page called Customize Hook. There you can see a link – click on Copy (it will turn into Copied when it’s done) and then click on Continue.

Part 2:

When you copy the link, you should go to Expandi. There, choose Web hooks from the menus on your left. Click on Add a web hook.

When you click on Add a new hook a pop up screen will appear.

  1. You should fill in a name for your web hook

  2. You should choose the event you want your hook to be triggered (connection request sent, connection request accepted, Contact replied to campaign message)

  3. You should choose the campaign for which you want this web hook to be triggered (you choose from your existing campaigns).

  4. Enter the URL you copied earlier.

Click on Create new web hook.

Part 3:

Go back to Zapier. After you have clicked on Continue (after copying the link), it will lead you to the next part. It will ask you if you want to do a test. Click on Test & Review.

After you click on the button Test & Review, a screen with your results will appear. You can see your results in the section Find Data. Click on Done Editing to continue to the next step.

The next page will show you Step 2. Do this…. There you should choose an application. We recommend Pipedrive.

In this step you also need to choose an Action Event. We recommend you choose Find Person.

If you have chosen the correct application and the correct event, click on Continue.

Next you should choose a Pipedrive account to export the results to. Just click on the arrow under the Edit Accounts section to your right. When you choose, simply click on Continue.

The next step is to Customize Person. Here you select the criteria by which you want to search for people. We recommend you select Name for the first field called Search By.

  1. Choose Name

  2. Choose the details you want to extract (we recommend the ones shown on the photo below)

  3. Set the section Search for an Exact Match on Yes.

  4. Tick the box to Create a new person if it doesn’t exist yet. (Set your criteria for the new person - choose Name again)

  5. Click on Continue

The next page will be another test. It will show you the template for finding data. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Choose Test & Review.

You can see if the test was successful and the test results will be shown to you. Turn on your Zapier hook in the upper right corner. Then click on Done Editing at the bottom of the page.

A new feature that Expandi has is to manually push the people through a web hook. You can do it in to ways - either select the people you want to push, or apply filters and push everyone who matches these filters.

You can find this export feature in the menus Search, Campaign and My Network.

Here is a video you can watch.

In the video, the person is using Google Sheets instead of the recommended Pipedrive.

In the video, the person is using Hubspot instead of the recommended Pipedrive.

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