The Inbox within Expandi is a really useful feature which is there to keep your account safe.

There is no need to swap between Expandi and LinkedIn, as all your messages are synced here. This means you will not be responding to messages using different IP addresses and so will keep your account safe.

In the Expandi inbox you will see a combination of all your messages sent and received through Expandi campaigns, as well as any manual messages that may have been sent in the past. This is fully duplicated from LinkedIn.

Within the inbox tab you will see many filters, and these will be explained in full below.

Enter filter words, Filter on status, Filter on chat status, Apply/filter/remove tags, Filter on conversation status, Assign to campaign, Sync

Enter Filter Words

You can search the inbox for a specific name, job title or company by entering the filtered words in the search bar at the top.

Filter on Contact Status

Status means the kind of connection/relationship you have with a person. They can be Contact (1st connection), Searched (not yet contacted), New contact, Connect Requested (you have sent a connection request to that person), Disconnected (you or them disconnected with each other) or Imported (you imported them with a CSV).

Read and Unread Chats

This filter is used to see your read messages and unread messages.

Apply, Filter & Remove Tags

Filter on tags are tags that were created in Expandi (in the Search menu they’re called Expandi tags). You can filter on With or without tags.

If you select a certain tag in this list, a list of all leads with tags next to their names will appear.

You can create tags from the wand icon which opens a Tag management where you can create your own tags in Expandi. To apply a tag you first need to select a person/multiple people and then choose from the list of tags you have created.
You can also create tags in the Placeholders menu, then choose the Tag Management tool (wand icon).

You can also Remove tags from here, which will delete the tags from the people they are currently assigned to.

Filter on Conversation Status

You can also filter your inbox depending on the type of conversation such as No Interaction (you haven’t messaged the person, nor has the person messaged you), Awaiting reply (you have messaged the person, but have not received a reply from them) and Replied (people you had an interaction with – including unread messages).

Assign to Campaign

You can select one or more leads and assign them to the campaign you wish through this filter


On the top right hand corner you have the option to Sync your inbox. Sometimes there may be a delay from LinkedIn and you may see a message on your LinkedIn but not in Expandi. If you press this Sync button, it will manually sync your messages and your inbox in Expandi will be fully up to date.

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