Keep in mind that the search is limited to 2500 people, all of which will be imported in your account at once.

In order to use the Group Search search tool, you first need to go to LinkedIn. Then, you can choose either the group you own, or a group of which you are a member. Using this option you can scrape group members and assign them to your campaign.

  1. Copy the URL address of the selected group.

2. Go back to Expandi.

3. Go to Search tab.

4. Click the icon for a New Search.

5. Simply paste the URL in Group Search.

6. Click Search button.

Group Search from Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator search can be assigned to your Group Campaign. Make sure the group ID is in the URL, and then you can import it into Expandi as you would import a normal Sales Nav list.

Keep in mind that in one search you are allowed to target only one LinkedIn group. Also, you have to be either the owner or a member of a group you want to use.

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