When creating a campaign, especially a connector campaign, you will need to import a list of leads into Expandi by doing a Search. There are many types of searches you can do to load leads in so depending on your needs you should find the right method for you.

Basic Search

A basic search in Expandi is useful if you do not have a paid subscription within LinkedIn and will be loading in users from the search bar in Linkedin. You can use multiple filters depending on the type of lead you are looking for. A step by step guide can be found here

Sales Navigator Search

If you pay LinkedIn for a premium account and can access Sales Navigator you will have more filters to use in comparison to a basic search. The more filters you use in your search the more refined your list of leads will get and thus will have a better ability to personalize your messages. It is not necessary to have a paid subscription to run Expandi but there are nice capabilities with the features. Find out how to do a Sales Navigator search here.

Recruiter Search

Recruiter Lite is another paid subscription that is available within LinkedIn. As the name suggests, it is mostly used by recruiters to filter their leads. Guide can be found here.

Import contacts from a CSV

If you have a list of leads in a CSV, as long as you have the LinkedIn profile link you will be able to load them into Expandi. The only column you really need is the profile link, any additional information can be used as placeholders personalize your messages. The user guide is found here.

Post Engagement

You can take any public post on LinkedIn and scrape those who have interacted with it. So it could be your own post, a competitors, or maybe an influencer in your industry, all you need is the profile link. You are able to load in those who have liked and commented on the post and you can also see what way they reacted (like, praise, empathy etc). Read more about it here.

You can also scrape your own poll from your own profile using post engagement search. Follow this guide to see how to do this.

Group Search

If you are a part of a group you can load the members of this group into Expandi and then outreach them. So if there is a targeted group related to your industry it can be a nice way of finding new leads. Read more here

Event Search

Public events on LinkedIn are becoming more and more popular and are a nice way of targeting groups of people. Maybe your competitor has a weekly webinar, you can scrape the attendees. Or an influencer in your industry has a conference, you can target the audience and outreach them Read more here.

People You May Know

LinkedIn will suggest a list of people to connect with and to add to your network. This is a really nice way of warming up your account, since LinkedIn have already suggested these people to you. Check out how it works here

If you still have any questions about how the searches work and what would be the best for you and your campaigns, do not hesitate to message us on our support chat!

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