You can not only create campaigns by yourself, but you can also use a template. The templates you have access to are of campaigns that were created earlier by one of your colleagues.

You can create a template when you set the settings to “Template” and not “Manual” when creating a campaign. This setting cannot be changed at a later stage.

To use one of the templates, you simply need to go to the menu Campaigns, then to the section Templates, and then choose the icon duplicate (in the middle).

From this menu, you can also delete templates and edit them.

When you duplicate a campaign, you’re going to have the same body and follow-up messages that the previous person typed, but you’re not going to have the same people in the campaign.

This is because all of the searches need to be done by the profile which is going to contact the people and the CSVs also need to be imported by the same person.

Don’t forget to fix your stats and activate the campaign when you’re done editing.

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