Account warm-up allows us to have a gradual increase in activity over time. Once we set our limits for the account warm-up, we can see in the Interaction settings what number of actions will be performed for a particular day.

This is a precaution that you can take to prevent your LinkedIn account from getting restricted or banned.

Moreover, the number of actions performed per day will change according to the “step length” and “increase by” settings. For example, in this screenshot, the number of requests and messages we see in the Interaction settings will increase by 1 every day.

To activate the Account warm-up feature on your Expandi account, these are the steps that must be executed:

  1. Click on Profile Settings on the sidebar

  2. To turn on the Account Warmup press the toggle next to it. If it is blue, it means it is activated

4. Choose the start limit, end limit, increase by and step length (in days).

The start limit is the initial limit of messages and connections you would like the account to send on a daily basis.

The end limit is the maximum number of messages and connections you would like the account to send on a daily basis using the auto warm-up feature.

The increase by refers to how many messages and connections you would like to increase your limit per day.

The step length is how often the profile limit is increased.

After adjusting the numbers as desired, the Expandi account will execute the selections and increase the daily limits throughout the working days.

Keep in mind that clicking Apply for account warm-up reschedules the accounts’ tasks and resets the number. This means that, in our example from the screenshot, if the number has gradually increased to 45 over time and we click to apply the settings, the number will be reset to 10 again.

If you have any more questions, please contact customer support.

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