To add users to a specific agency, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Click on your Profile icon in the top right corner.

  2. When prompted to select a tab from the dropdown choose the Users menu.

3. Click on the Add Button on the right.

4. Fill in the personal information of the person such as their first name, last name, email and password.

5. Click on the blue box with the plus in the very rightmost column called Actions.

6a. Fill in the LinkedIn account email of the user as well as the company to which he/she should be assigned.

6b. Fill in the LinkedIn account email of the user, of you need to add new company

it is also possible to add the agency to which he/she should be assigned.

7. The next step is to pick the appropriate country in order to assign a dedicated IP to the user.

8. Choose the permissions, or the actions which this person is able to perform. This can be an already created one or clicking the Add Role button a new one can be set up. ( Please make sure that the company is indeed assigned to an agency, otherwise step 9 cannot be completed)

9. For more information on how to make roles, please refer to the Permissions article.

10. The button Finish will add the new LinkedIn profile to as a user of the specific agency.

11. When the user then logs in Expandi using their LinkedIn email and password that you have set up, he/she will be prompted to input their LinkedIn credentials.

12. Clicking on Try to LogIn Again button, Expandi will synchronize the LinkedIn account and return to the Account Settings page.

Following all of the steps successfully, the user will now be able to use Expandi as a part of the agency

Keep in mind that the user will be switched to the active status, this means that these users will be able to perform actions.

Please check out this video on the steps described above:

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