The Inbox Filters are four types – Enter filter words, Filter on tags, Filter on status and Read and unread chats.

Enter filter words

Enter filter words which will be looked up in the person’s name, phone number, address, company name, job title and placeholders.

Filter on tags

Filter on tags are tags that were created in Expandi (in the Search menu they’re called Expandi tags).
You can create tags from the menu My network you have a wand icon which opens a Tag management where you can create your own tags in Expandi. To apply a tag you first need to select a person/multiple people and then choose from the list of tags you have created.
You can also create tags in the Placeholders menu, then choose the Tag Management tool (wand icon).

Filter on status

You can also filter your inbox depending on the type of conversation such as No Interaction (you haven’t messaged the person, nor has the person messaged you), Awaiting reply (you have messaged the person, but have not received a reply from them) and Replied (people you had an interaction with – including unread messages).

Read and Unread chats

This filter is used to see your read messages and unread messages.

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