This will work well if you 👍 

  • Sell to people who are entrenched in status quo & don't (yet) realize they need to change

  • Have a relatively smaller list of prospects to work

  • Usually perform research on prospects ... you do homework!

  • Typically "diagnose and treat" customers' illnesses; acting as a consultant, pre-commitment

This may not work if you 👎 

  • Are unable or unwilling to research prospects you've targeted

  • Cannot discover specific facts (observations) from your outside POV

  • Have a larger list of prospects & are under pressure to make many outbounds 

  • Forget to use a proven, effective subject line!

The template

[first name],
Noticing ______________ [insert a specific observation you've made about the prospect]. _________________ [insert measurable accomplishment a competitor or organization they'll recognize made using a strategy tying to your product/service].

They use a different (but effective) way to lower distribution costs—without having to _____________. [painful sacrifice]

Are you open to understanding how ______ [other organization] did it?

[your name]

Alternate template

Noticing _______________ [research tidbit]. This triggers me to ask -- how are you ensuring ___________________ ? [a goal they are charged with achieving but are likely not acting on... or well enough on]

I have an idea for you. Not sure it's a fit. But __________ [competitive organization] is using an unusual (but effective) tactic to ____________ [quantifiable goal/achievement or something dangerous they're avoiding/reducing].

Are you open to hearing how ________ [organization] is achieving this a short email?

[your name]

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