This might work if you 👍

  • Call on people with specific (unknown) problems you can see (or research) and fix

  • Sell to people who take time to realize they need to purchase/change

  • Have a relatively smaller list of prospects to target

  • Can "diagnose and treat" your customers' illnesses; acting as a consultant

This is a way to expose a pain or illness your prospect is unaware of.

OR they may be aware but not acting on it.

This method can be a helpful means to trigger a reply.

This may not work if you 👎 

  • Forget to use a proven, effective subject line! 

  • Are unable or unwilling to research the prospect you've targeted

  • Cannot discover specific facts (problems) from your outside POV

  • Ask for the meeting too quickly (instead, attract them to eventually asking for it)

The template

[first name],
Your _____________ [insert what you've researched] is ___________ [describe weakness or flaw], yet offers unusual potential.

For example, I'm noticing ______________ [insert brief observation using trigger words like risk, danger, unusual, surprising].

I realize this assessment is blunt and will (if you'd like) offer more details to substantiate my findings.

Please let me know what you decide, [first name]?

[your name]

Time to riff a little...🕛

Remember, you've got to experiment with the concept.
Look at these effective examples

[name] ...
Real quick—how secure are your copiers and printers? Did you hear about the 3 Los Angeles law firms—sued because the janitor removed hard drives? He walked-away with hundreds of thousands of documents. These breaches in security are becoming so wide-spread the Federal Trade Commission is even getting involved.

Is this issues worrying you lately? How are you managing security of your printers/copiers at _____ [company name]?

Thanks for considering, [name],

How this approach works

1) Provokes people who truly should be talking with you to respond;

2) Positions you as a helpful guide... someone with insight on an illness they may be unaware of;

3) Triggers response based on an urge to understand more and/or fix a problem quickly.

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