This might work if you:

  • Have trouble getting replies to your first touch (cold) email

  • Are willing to get out-of-the-box on follow-up technique (and get replies!)

  • Don't feel right sending long-winded, repetitive emails to busy people

The 1st cold follow-up 👌

Here's the technique...

  1. Click on your first (cold)  message... and reply.

  2. Put this type of message in the message content (get creative but keep it SHORT)

Hi, John.
Did you see the message below? Sorry to nag/pester/bug you.


(forwarded message appears here... easy to see!) 

Yes, I'm serious. Send that. Nothing else.

You pick which word (nag, pester or bug... or annoy).

Experiment with word choice. For example, "see" seems to work better than "receive." Don't ask me why. I am just here to tell you :-)

Switch the order of the sentences. Discover what works best for your target market.

While everyone else is trying to "add value in every follow-up" (and failing) try this technique. Trust me.

But do NOT rely on your first message follow-up to earn response. You'll need to follow-up again, and again... and vary on this short approach. For example, insert a bit of research in your 2nd follow up. This helps prospects know you're not just pumping out messages... you've researched them...

Noticing you recently saved the company $500,000 by negotiating broker fees. How are you re-applying that cash ... and is my idea (below) be worth a quick chat?


It's an experiment in persistence

Test. Adapt. Do more of what works, less of what does not. This is an experiement.

If you are sending out large quantities of non-personalized (Targeted) messages the risk is higher: Targeted (one-to-many) messages are, by definition, more spammy... less personalized than Tailored. 

The final follow-up

I call this a "rattling the cage" approach. It tends to get their attention. Some folks call it a "break-up" template. Either way it's a bit controversial and not for those who have a severely limited number of prospects to call on. 

For example, if you have only 200 target prospects for the year this will not be for you.

Otherwise, it can be an effective way to end your follow-up sequence. (which should be 5-7 attempts total)

This kind of "ultimatum" approach:

  1. Provokes potential buyers to respond,

  2. puts you in a position of power AND respects' the other side's right to choose to talk (or not).

As you read this, keep in mind there are many ways to word this kind of email... that are "harder" or "softer." Adjust the tone as you see fit for your situation. Ok?

Here we go... 🚀

[prospect first name],
Sorry to trouble you. Did you see the below messages? If I do not hear back from you by ______ [insert day of week that is 2 business days from today's date] I will assume total lack of interest ... and will not be in touch again.

Please let me know?

All the best,
[your name]

Why it works 

Prospects inboxes are often a mess. They often:

  • urgency by setting a deadline

  • completely overlook your first touch email

  • want to reply but put it off ... and then forget

  • ask someone else to follow-up with you (who did not)

  • want to be polite by replying -- either positively or negatively (this lets them)

This technique creates a sense of:

  • persistence that has limits

  • scarcity (you've got other things to do -- other than wait for their reply)

  • attraction (if they don't respond now they may never get a chance to know you)

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