This might work if you 👍 

  • Are under pressure to generate near-term appointments 

  • Are an inside sales rep or marketer needing to send one-to-many prospecting emails

  • Call on purchasing agents buying from vendors (see your product as a commodity)

  • Have customers who typically have purchasing / change seasons (times of year)

  • Do not have the ability to research your prospect, but DO have a case study example

This one is straight-ahead, simple. It is effective BUT should be used with caution. Because it's aimed at prospects who know they have a need.

In other words, they are in "near-term buying/changing mode." Not all prospects are. That's what makes this a "use with caution" template.

This might not work if you 👎

  • Are not willing / able to send messages to many targets 

  • Have targets who don't yet realize they're candidates for what you're offering (take time)

  • Customers demand a Tailored message, highly personalized to them

  • Choose a subject line currently saturating your target market (prospects delete it daily!)

The template

[prospect first name],

Is exploring __________________ [insert need] on the horizon for ____________ [insert business name]? If so, may I propose a short email exchange -- to decide if a longer conversation is justifiable?

If not, thanks for your time in considering. Let me know, [first name]?


[your name]

How to riff on it

In my best James Brown voice... "Watch me now!"

prospect first name],
Is exploring __________________ [insert need] on the horizon for ____________ [insert business name]? If so, I have an idea. May I share? Then you can decide if a longer conversation is justifiable.

Let me know, [first name]?


[your name]

Remember. Standardized templates work less-and-less as time goes on.
Because they are seen by more-and-more customers.

Mix it up! Keep it fresh. Riff on the concept being demonstrated.

Have fun with it. 70% of the success with such an approach is how DIFFERENT it is. Don't be afraid to provoke your targets.

Template (with case example)

[prospect first name],,
Are you open to an unusual (but effective) tactic to ________________? [reach a measurable goal you can help them reach / avoid a disaster they don't know about yet] __________ [example business] had a _______________________. [describe bad situation] They adopted a different strategy that is ________________. [briefly how it's different] As a result, they are _____________________. [amazing accomplishment]

I have a similar idea for you. Not sure if it’s a fit.

Are you open to hearing how _______ [example business] is doing this in a short email exchange?

[your name]

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