This might work if you 👍

  • Are under pressure to generate near-term appointments

  • Have under-qualified trade show leads to follow-up with (and are looking for a better tactic)

  • Are aware of 3-4 nagging fears, frustrations or big challenges facing your typical customer

  • Need to reach out to a large number of prospects

  • Need a effective third touch message as a short follow-up to your first follow up

  • Just connected on LinkedIn to a prospect who is unresponsive to your tailored approach

TIP: Talking about their fear or goal is often what prospects want to do -- before they are READY to talk about buying, upgrading or changing.

Not sure which "pain" is of most importance to your clients? This helps you put a finger on it. 

This template provokes buyers talk about their goal, fear or pain. So you reach your goal. 

This may not work if you 👎

  • Are targeting a relatively smaller list of prospects entrenched in the status quo

  • Use a subject line that doesn't spark curiosity

  • Have customers who demand a more personalized, tailored message from you

How it works 

1) Provokes potential buyers/candidates to respond,

2) gives you a meaningful topic to discuss with them and

3) reveals if the prospect will ever buy/change. (if there is enough pain or desire)

I call this "The Burning Questions" template.

The template

[prospect first name],

What frustrates you the most when trying to ________________ [insert your customers' goal]? Which question is more important to answer:

1. ____________________ [question 1]

2. ____________________ [question 2]

3. ____________________ [question 3]

Which of these is most important to you, [prospect first name]?

[your name]

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