This might work if you 👍

  • Are under pressure to generate near-term appointments 

  • Are a recruiter, business owner or sales rep 

  • Sell to people who are comfortable with status quo situation/current vendor

  • Have a large list of prospects to work

  • Already have a proven subject line or are willing to experiment until you get one

This may not work if you 👎

  • Are not willing or unable to send to many targets

  • Sell to people who take time to realize they need to purchase/change 

  • Have a relatively smaller list of prospects to target

  • Forget to use a strong subject line! (you must get opened above all else!)

  • Stick with the "raw" template; be creative; adapt it to your need & get creative

The template for sellers

[prospect first name].
Are you adding new capability to your _______________ [insert area of business your product addresses] at any time soon or in future? I work with organizations like yours to make sure _____________ [insert goal]. Are you open to quickly exploring an idea I have, via email? You can decide if a larger conversation makes sense.

Let me know what you decide, [prospect first name]?

Thanks for considering,

[your signature]

📓  NOTE: Did you see how I took a creative approach ... how I varied from the template? I softened the approach by acknowledging the status quo... not threatening it.

I also provoked with, "I have an idea to share" without revealing the idea.

I also inserted "If not, no worries." This is a negative-reverse type mental trigger taking the pressure off your prospect. I'm putting the decision to say no squarely in the customer's hand. You can do the same.

Take the approach concept and use it as a guide -- not an exact cut-and-paste. Make it sound and feel like you, aimed at your market.

The template for recruiters

Hi, [candidate first name] ...

You are focusing on ______________ [insert a SPECIFIC observation you've made about candidate's current role/job/position that PROVES you've done homework].

This grabbed my attention.

I am looking for a ___________ [position description] for ____________ [your company/client] with a background like yours.

I immediately thought you might like to ___________________ [insert brief but vivid description of your position's most enticing qualities that will represent a 'step up' or quality of life improvement to the candidate].

Let me know what you decide, [first name]?


[your signature]

📓  SPECIAL NOTE: Did you see how I took a creative approach ... and how you must include the "research element" in the approach?

The success of your approach hinges on custom tailoring the message to your candidate ... personalize it to a higher degree. This dramatically increases response rates.

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