If you want to get the same sales navigator search results in Expandi, please follow these steps.

Here are the steps with screenshots for saving a sales navigator 2nd & 3rd connection search in Expandi. The process of saving a 1st connection search is also the same except that in step 6, you will need to paste it on the 1st connection tab.

Most people make the mistake of copying the search URL immediately after saving the search after step 2. Please remember that you need to keep the search URL, as shown in step 5. The LinkedIn URL string automatically shortens with fewer characters in this step as compared to a longer search URL that gets generated in step 2.

  1. Create a new search

2. Click save search

3. Name your search and click the green ✅ checkmark

4. Click on the save search name

5. Copy this URL

6. Paste this URL in Expandi, give your search a name and that's it

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